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by Cessna
01 Jan 2010, 21:23
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: How to slip with this plane?
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How to slip with this plane?

I can slip perfectly with the A2A cub and the RealAir Citabria (the only other planes I fly in FSX) but I cannot get the Bird Dog to slip. It seems like the rudder is too weak to hold it. Is it a bug or does the Bird Dog not slip in reality or am I just doing it wrong? Other than that this is my new...
by Cessna
01 Jan 2010, 21:04
Forum: Support
Topic: Fsx needs to close
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Re: Fsx needs to close

I had a similar problem with FSX crashing when selecting the BirdDog but with Windows 7 not Vista. I had to set FSX.exe compatibility to "Vista" with no checkboxes checked, but then I got some error like "cannot set allocations" I then set the compatibility for init.exe (the activation file) to "Vis...
by Cessna
29 Dec 2009, 03:38
Forum: Support
Topic: Handling Issues
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Re: Handling Issues

I was having trouble with touching the tailwheel first causing me to groundloop when landing. The perspective in the Bird Dog gives me the illusion that I am pitching nose down when in level flight causing me to overcompensate when flaring. I do agree though the Bird Dog has some handling tweaks to ...