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by sbflyer
10 Jul 2010, 21:43
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Topic: Thank you
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Re: Thank you

+1 The plane is now fantastic with the improved FD. Beautiful new liveries also. Can take off and land in a 10 knot crosswind
with reasonable care similar to the default Maule. I'm not a real pilot, but I suspect the FD is now extremely realistic. Thanks!
by sbflyer
01 Jan 2010, 05:34
Forum: Support
Topic: Crash when selecting GPS Waypoint
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Crash when selecting GPS Waypoint

I've been getting the black screen with fsx.exe continuing to run about 30 minutes into some flights. Only happens with the Birddog Now I got a crash while selecting the waypoint in the GPS in flight. Dug this out of the event log, maybe it would help? -----------------------------------------------...
by sbflyer
31 Dec 2009, 04:41
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Topic: L-19 problems
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Re: L-19 problems

I also get the freeze and black screen on some flights after a half hour or so. Systems specs
are in my .sig below. Have to kill fsx.exe process in task manager. Thanks,
by sbflyer
28 Dec 2009, 09:53
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Topic: Handling Issues
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Re: Handling Issues

I'm only a simulator pilot, but have noticed a tendency to weathervane like all taildraggers in a 5 knot or more crosswind. The phenomenon is more pronounced than the default Maule or RealAir Scout for example, but not as bad as in the default Cub. This is with a no-flap takeoff. With 15 or 30 deg. ...
by sbflyer
25 Dec 2009, 23:56
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Topic: ADF and OBS Problems
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ADF and OBS Problems

Fantastic airplane, so of course I have to find a problem, sorry about that. 1. Trying to use the ADF radio with L-19/0-1F BirdDog USAF. The frequency indicated by the radio display (tape-type readout) disagrees with the frequency displayed by the tooltip. The tooltip freq. is correct, the tape read...