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by loganpass
20 Nov 2006, 07:55
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: N63JP 91D Completed
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I downloaded this paint a while back but didn't get to sit down at the sim until this weekend and I just had to give you my compliments for an absolutely superb job, a work of art to my eye. There are so many fantastic paints graciously donated by you and other painters to this hobby and it is very ...
by loganpass
02 Sep 2006, 08:13
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Gold Stars All Around!
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Gold Stars All Around!

I more or less stumbled on to this aircraft tonight and it didn't take but a minute to decide to purchase it. Now that I've had a chance to look around it and take a couple of hops around the pattern, I must say congratulations to you! The visuals are in the best of the best category and although I ...