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by Stefan
03 Oct 2006, 12:47
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Topic: autopilot
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To put a AP in a Safir are the same thing as if you would put an automatic gearbox in an Ferrari, and at the same time paint it lime green! Dear lord...! Toliet visits...!? There are lot of Cessnas and PA-28 out there that acctualy need an autopilot since they are to boring to fly... Don't spoile th...
by Stefan
18 Sep 2006, 02:37
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: GEAR
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Hi! About the gear, "swinging". This is normal on the Safir. We have jacked up our aircraft (a real Safir) several times and test the gear at our 100h inspections. The gear does this "swing". Even when the gear are in it's up and locked position it's still able to puch the gear up and down a bit. If...