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by kommandor
04 Sep 2016, 21:21
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Topic: Flight dynamics update V2.3 - public beta testing
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Re: Flight dynamics update V2.3 - public beta testing

There's some kind of error in update files, either air or aircraft.cfg, FSX doesn't startup with plane. Common, Sibwings, you guys made a good model plane, how much time it takes to fix the brake lever logic, UGR course & attitude knob, and engine MP. I'm not even mentioning the adf ident off option...
by kommandor
02 Jun 2016, 00:21
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: UGR Compass dial
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Re: UGR Compass dial

By the way UGR pointer should be attached to the card and move with it. Would someone please modify this feature, thanks. :smt006 that's the whole point of adf/ndb approach mode (course selector)
by kommandor
16 Sep 2014, 17:18
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Topic: FS9 conversion
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FS9 conversion

Please advise about it.