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by Alky
12 Sep 2014, 09:43
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Topic: Before I buy....
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Before I buy....

Is there an option to have english gauges in this model or do I have to study Russian to fly it?
Thank you. :)
by Alky
18 Aug 2014, 01:09
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Topic: Clean Interior?
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Clean Interior?

I've done a search but had no luck in finding any information a cleaner interior for the Birddog. No disrespect meant, but the Birddog is a wonderful model but the interior grunge is just a bit much for me. Has anyone done a cleaner version of it?
by Alky
18 Aug 2014, 00:44
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: What repaint do you want ?
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Re: What repaint do you want ?


If someone could put this paint scheme on a Birddog, make the orange a "darkish" blue and I'd be eternally grateful!!